Upcoming Event: NAPCP Workshop: Incest Rape Survivor: What she'd like a therapist to know, Q&A

Saturday 25th March, 2023 10am - 2pm with Fiona Doyle

Fiona Doyle is a 57-year-old survivor of historic sex abuse.  She endured many years of not being believed by both family and strangers which lead to Fiona making some bad life choices.  Finally, she decided to tell her truth about her rape at the hands of her own father, speaking out about the emotional trauma caused by not only the sex abuse but by those who did not believe her. 

Fiona turned to counselling for support which turned out to be the best decision for her and saved her life.  Through her counsellor, she was able to speak out for the rights of sex abuse survivors, write a book and get a prison conviction for her abuser. 

Fiona tells her story and includes a segment on what she wants counsellors to know about what’s going on in the mind of the client.  She also includes a Q&A with counsellors where questions are asked, and she answers candidly and openly about her experiences.  This is a true opportunity to get some questions answered about how to better help a client come to terms with their trauma and move forward into a productive life. 


Tea/Coffee/Scones will be served at this event.

Directions: https://huntstowncc.org/contact-us/

Location: Huntstown Community Centre
This event is open to members and non-members.
There is a charge for this Event
Members: € 25
Student-Members: € 10
Non-Members: € 40
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