A.G.M. 2nd December 2017.


SATURDAY 2nd December 2017


 09:30                                       Registration – Tea/Coffee

10:00                                       Guest Speaker –  Eileen  Finnegan

Eileen is the Clinical Director at One in Four, and she has been employed in this organisation since 2005.

She has over 25 years of experience of working as a psychotherapist in a variety of settings. During the past twelve years she has worked with individuals who have been impacted by all aspects of sexual violence. The work involves offering support to victims, offenders and families of both.

Since joining One In Four, Eileen has developed the therapeutic programmes which are delivered to victims of sexual violence attending the service, now offering a Family and  Support Person’s programme. During the past seven years, she has developed the Phoenix Programmes which offer assessment of therapeutic need and therapeutic interventions to individuals who have acted out in a sexually harmful way. The programmes also provide support and intervention to all those indirectly impacted by sexual offending as this is a crucial element of Child Protection.

‘The Road Less Traveled ‘

‘Navigating the complexities of Sexually Harmful Behaviour’ especially when the victim wants a restorative intervention approach’ as a pathway to prevention.

The aim of this presentation is to gain an understanding of the complexities for a family, society,  where there has been a disclosure of sexually harmful behaviour.

It will offer an opportunity to discuss this from a societal, community, and family aspect, focussing on how each view can have a positive or negative aspect on the pathway to prevention.

The presentation will then focus specifically on the therapist in this relationship. The challenge of acknowledging our own biases from a cultural race , religious and ethical stance by discussing

  • The use of self  by the therapist
  • The ability to self-reflect as a way of understanding the dynamics of sexual violence (parallel process)
  • How sexual violence can get played out within the ‘system’ similar to how sexual violence can be played out in families. 

 11.30am                                   Tea/Coffee Break

11:45am                                   A.G.M.

13:30pm                                   Light Lunch

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