What is Pastoral Counselling?

What is Pastoral Counselling?

what-is-pastoral-img-1Pastrol counseling is a unique form of counseling which provides a holistic approach to healing and growth. Pastoral counselors endeavor to use the spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding of the person to help clients meet life’s challenges to bring about change. It is professional and person centred and respects the spiritual commitments and religious beliefs (or non) of those who seek assistance without imposing counsellor beliefs onto the client.

Pastoral Counselling & psychotherapy uses well-researched psychological and clinical practices. Pastoral counselors are open to engage with clients on a spiritual level if the client so wishes.

Members of the NAPCP adhere to rigorous standards of excellence, including education and clinical training, professional certification and accreditation.

An American survey conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Research, Inc. of Washington, D.C., to explore attitudes toward the role of spiritual values and beliefs in the treatment of mental and emotional problems reported “that an overwhelming number of people [69 percent] recognize the close link between spirituality, faith values, and mental health, and would prefer to seek assistance from a mental health professional who recognizes and can integrate spiritual values into the course of treatment.”

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