Workshop 30th September – Barry Kavanagh. – Understand the Influence of Early Attachment and Bonding on the Adult Client:

Barry Kavanagh is an IACP accredited psychotherapist and the creator of the Towers Model for Understanding Human Relationships.

Having completed a BSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy he began his career working exclusively with adults, before deciding to complete a post gradate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. He now specialises in both child development and also child and adolescent therapy and is currently one of a relatively small number of male play therapists working in Ireland.

Barry has a keen interest in many fields within counselling and psychotherapy but is particularly passionate about early development, attachment and bonding and their long term impact upon adult functioning. He has particular expertise in adolescent psychotherapy and works with teenagers in Aspen Mullingar and Tullamore, and in Aspen Lucan, as well as private practice.

Notice for Workshop 30th Sept.2017

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