5 Year Renewal

In accordance with Clause XI of the NAPCP Code of Ethics, members are required to apply for renewal of Accreditation of the Association every three years.

Clause X states: compliance with the following conditions is necessary for those who wish to retain Membership of the Association:

  1. Fees must be paid in full in January of each year.
  2. Members must uphold, support and conform to the articles of this Constitution and to the Code of Ethics of NAPCP.
  3. Members are required to attend in service development, training, workshops and/orconferences on a regular basis.
  4. Members must have regular supervision and may be asked by the supervisor to discontinue professional practice when it is deemed necessary for the member to do so in the interest of the member’s client or clients, or in the interest of the member him/herself.

Download Accreditation Renewal Form


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