1. Is there a charge for student membership?

  • No there is no charge for becoming a student member.

2. How do I change my account details

Click "Login" on the top menu bar.  If you have not logged in before, click "Request New Password" and type the email address you use for NAPCP.  You will then get an email with a link to update your password.  After you have done that, go to the top Menu bar and select My Account, View my Account.  Your membership details are in the top section.  If you are an Accredited member, then scroll down to see your Directory details and there you can edit anything you want, including uploading a photo.  Remember to click Save!

3. How do I apply for Student Membership

Please click on the following link to Create a new Account https://www.napcp.ie/Account/SignUpFreeAccount

Once you have done this, please click on the following link and choose “Apply for Student Membership” in the “Membership” box https://www.napcp.ie/Home/Index

4. My Masters at ICHAS requires us to complete 200 hours at a ratio of 8:1 but I see you require a ratio of 5:1?

We accredit the Masters at ICHAS, therefore we accept this as long as you have met our criteria of 100 client hours and 20 supervision hours. 

5. I see for Pre-Accredited membership you require an Evaluation to be completed by the supervisor I had for the first 100 client hours and 20 supervision hours. Will you accept a college report?

No.  We require your supervisor to complete the NAPCP Evaluation.

6. Am I allowed to complete my student hours online?

Because of Covid, and the continuing interest in online counselling, we currently do not have any restriction regarding online hours, however we strongly recommend that as a student you complete some hours face to face.

7. Will you accept group therapy as part of the 50 hours of personal therapy

No, it all must be individual

8. What do I have to do to become a Pre-Accredited member?

You must have completed an NAPCP recognised course along with the required 100 client hours and supervision at a ratio of 5:1.  If you are completing a Masters which requires 200 client hours at a ratio of 8:1, you cannot become Pre-accredited after 100 hours.  You must complete 20 supervision hours.  Then you can start working on your Pre-Accredited hours, however you must receive your results of the Masters before you become a Pre-Accredited member.

Pre-Accredited Membership
9. Can you have the same Supervisor after training while building up your hours?

No, you must change your supervisor when you become Pre-Accredited.

10. How do I become Pre-Accredited with NAPCP?

Firstly, you must have successfully completed all practical and skills modules of your degree course, including at least 100 trainee hours in counselling practice and 20 supervision hours.

Once you become Pre-Accredited, and are working towards Accreditation, you must complete 450 hours of individual client work with evidence of one hour of supervision for every 10 hours of counselling.  Supervision of these 450 hours of work must not be undertaken with a supervisor, who either supervised you while a student during training, or was involved as a core trainer or assessor on the core course.  These hours must be completed within 5 years of graduating.

11. Can I work with u18s as a Pre-Accredited member?

You must have completed additional training in this area before commencing work, and we will require a certificate when applying for Accreditation.  Also, your insurance must cover you to work with u18s.

12. I am in second year of Masters but have completed 100 client hours at a ratio of 5:1. Can I apply for Pre-Accredited Membership?

No, you must wait until you receive your results.  If, however, you change supervisor after completing the 100 hours at a ratio of 5:1, any hours subsequent to this can be counted towards your hours for Accreditation.

13. I am currently doing a Masters at ICHAS and I am wondering can I apply for Pre-Accredited membership before I finish.

No.  You must wait until you receive your results, however if you have completed 100 client hours and 20 supervision hours, you can change supervisor and then start working on your 450 client hours at a ratio of 10:1.  Any hours you complete after the first 100 client hours and 20 supervision can then be counted towards full Accreditation.  Your new supervisor must have supervisor accreditation with any of the following bodies: NAPCP, IACP, APCP, IAHIP, BACP, BPC, ICP or ACI.  Please ensure that your first supervisor completes our form “Pre-Accredited Membership Supervisors Evaluation During Training” which you will need to submit when applying for Pre-Accredited membership.  The form can be found here https://www.napcp.ie/Membership/Index

14. I have just received my results from ICHAS and will graduate in November. Can I apply for Pre-Accredited membership now or do I need to wait until I am awarded the certificate at graduation?

You can apply once you have received your results.  Please send us a transcript as we will not accept a screenshot of your results online. 

15. How do I become Accredited with the NAPCP

While working towards Accreditation, Pre-Accredited members must meet the following criteria:

  • - Have professional indemnity insurance.
  • - Have completed an NAPCP accredited  Counselling/Psychotherapy course.
  • - Have completed a minimum of 50 hours of personal therapy during training.
  • - Have completed 100 client hours during training and 20 supervision hours.
  • - Have completed 450 hours of client work with evidence of one hour of supervision for every 10 hours of counselling (with a different supervisor to the one used during training).
    • Client work may consist of couple, family or group Counselling/Psychotherapy hours as 25% of the required 450 post-trainee hours.  The other 75% of hours must be individual Counselling/Psychotherapy.
    • Up to 25% of the 450 hours can be with clients who are under 18 if all the criteria and competencies listed in the NAPCP standards for working with U18s are met. There must be proof provided of completion of a minimum certificate level additional qualification to work with children & adolescents.  A copy of the certificate will be required when applying for Accreditation.
    • Remote supervision via telephone or online is accepted for Pre-accredited Members.  There is no limit on this until further notice.

For all details regarding the Accreditation process, please click https://www.napcp.ie/Membership/described?page=3

Accredited Membership
16. How many client hours do I need to complete to become Accredited?

Once you become Pre-Accredited, you then need to complete 450 client hours with supervision at a ratio of 10:1.

17. What Courses are recognised by our Organisation?

Here is a list of accredited courses.  If your course is not on the list, we can review it to see if it meets our criteria.  We would need to see a detailed prospectus of the course which includes Personal therapy hours, counselling and supervision.

NAPCP Accredited Courses
18. How long do I have to complete my 450 hours after graduating?

Applications for First Time Accreditation are accepted between 1-5 years following the successful completion of a core course.  In special circumstances, this period may be longer, but this will be at the discretion of the Accreditation Committee.  If this is the case, please submit a letter with your application explaining why you have not submitted an application within the 1 to 5 year period.

19. Do I need to submit CPD evidence when applying for first time accreditation?

If you have graduated from a recognised course and are building up your 450 hours within a 5 year time frame and receving the appropriate supervision, we will not ask for evidence of CPD since you graduated.

20. How do I find a suitable Supervisor?

You can find a supervisor on our online directory.  If you cannot find a suitable one, you are also able to use a supervisor accredited with the IACP, APCP, IAHIP, BACP and ACI.

21. How much Supervision do I need?

During training: ratio of 5:1

For trained, pre-accredited counsellors: ratio of 10:1

For accredited counsellors: ratio of 20:1

For accredited counsellors with 5 or more years of experience: 30:1

22. Can I do Group Surpervision?

1. Pre-accredited counsellors: Group supervision may account for up to 25% of the total amount of supervision required for accreditation

2. Accredited counsellors: Group supervision may account for up to 50% of the total amount of supervision required

3. Accredited for more than 5 years: Group supervision may account for up to 75% of the total amount of supervision required.

23. How often do you need to have supervision i.e. monthly?

Depends on case load but minimum once a month.

24. Can you recommend a counsellor?

We do not recommend any particular counsellor.  Please look at our Directory Here

25. Supervision (for Therapists and Student Therapists)

26. Where can I find a Supervisior/Counsellor on the website?

Go to our Directory, see here.

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