Accredited Membership Benefits And Requirements

  •  NAPCP accreditation aims to recognise the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.
  •  Accredited membership enables you to use the letters MNAPCP on your documentation.
  •   A certificate of accreditation and a personalised logo that you can use to promote your practice.
  •  Professional recognition of the quality of your practice.
  •  Continuing Professional Development: NAPCP provides several seminars and webinars for members annually, either free or at a reduced rate.

  • Accredited members must have completed an NAPCP Accredited course. If you have completed a Masters, you must meet our criteria regarding core training. (If your course is not on our list, it is essential to include with the application the course brochure which outlines: 1. Name of the course and the training organisation 2. Start and end date of course 3. Entry requirements for the course 4. Qualification of staff 5. Number of hours of theory and skills training 6. Number of contact hours on the course 7. Number of supervised client hours as part of the course 8. Assessment methods used by the course)
  • Accept and work within NAPCP's Code of Ethics and Practice.
  • Have satisfied all criteria to become a Pre-Accredited member of NAPCP. Click here
  • Have completed 450 hours of client work, within 5 years of successfully completing their course, with evidence of one hour of supervision for every 10 hours of counselling. (Group therapy can count for 25%). Supervision of these 450 hours of work must not be undertaken with a supervisor who either supervised the applicant while a student during training, or was involved as a core trainer or assessor on the core course. In addition, the Supervisor must be an accredited Supervisor with NAPCP, IACP, APCP, IAHIP, BACP, BPC, ICP or ACI. Supervisor's report/ reports on all work covering the 450 hours must be submitted with Application.
  • Satisfy our Garda Vetting requirement. (Please note: Proof of address no older than 6 months must be sent with other ID). Click here for forms to download.
  • Provide proof of Insurance Policy.
  • Have completed a minimum of 50 hours of individual personal therapy during training. (Group therapy cannot be included).
  • Click here for forms to download (including Garda Vetting forms).
  • For first time applications, the processing fee is €30 and for Renewals it's €20. This can be paid by logging into your online account and clicking the link below. In the Description field, please type Accredited processing fee. click here From September 1st 2023, all renewals will be annual. Meetings are held 4 times a year. February 27th, May 22nd, September 11th, Nov 20th. Please send your forms to the office in advance of the meetings so that we can let you know if anything is missing.