Pre Accredited Membership Benefits And Requirements

  •  Pre-accredited membership allows you to join an established accrediting body and commence your client hours towards full Accredited membership.
  •  Formal recognition of your qualifications and experience through our accreditation process.
  •  Continuing Professional Development: NAPCP provides several seminars and webinars for members annually, either free or at a reduced rate.
  •   Members can avail of assistance/advice through the NAPCP office.
  •  As a Pre-Accredited member, you can use the title Pre-Accredited Member NAPCP in your documentation.

  • Pre-Accredited Membership is available to those who have successsfully completed an NAPCP Accredited Course and are actively working towards Accreditation. You cannot become Pre-Accredited until you receive your final results.
  • Your course must have involved at least one year full time or two years’ part time classroom based tuition, with a minimum of 450 course hours of staff-student contact, including skills, theory and self-development.
  • You should also have completed a supervised placement of at least 100 client contact hours as an integral part of your course, with supervision at a ratio of 5:1 (a minimum of one hour of individual supervision for every 5 client contact hours). Your Supervisor must be an accredited Supervisor with NAPCP, IACP, APCP, IAHIP, BACP, BPC, ICP or ACI.
  • You must have successfully completed all practical and skills modules of your degree course and have received your results. After you graduate, Pre-Accredited members are required to complete 450 hours of supervised counselling at a ratio of 10:1 with a new supervisor, within five years of graduating.
  • You must: - Complete the Pre-Accredited Membership application form - Ask the supervisor you had during training to complete the Pre-Accredited Membership Supervisors Evaluation During Training (this must be the NAPCP form). - Send your results/parchment (A screenshot of your results online will not be accepted) - Submit all the above together to Click here for forms to download.
  • If you don't already have an account, create a new NAPCP Account by clicking HERE The processing fee of €30 can be paid by logging into your online account and clicking the link below. In the Description field, please type Pre-Accredited processing fee. click here