About the NAPCP

About the NAPCP

about-the-napcp-img-1The National Association for Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy (NAPCP) represents and sets professional standards for counsellors & psychotherapists in Ireland.

NAPCP was founded in 1994 as an organisation which certifies counsellors & psychotherapists, accredits counselling centres, and approves training programs.

NAPCP offers vital continuing education opportunities; encourages networks of members for professional support and enrichment; facilitates growth and innovation in the profession and provides both specialised in-service training and supervision in counselling.

NAPCP is a recognised accreditation association and is also a member of the BACP, the IAC, the EAC and the Psychological Therapies Forum.


We welcome all applications for accreditation to join our community of professionals.  Our aim as an organisation is to provide a professional, caring and supportive service to our members and ultimately their clients.  All applications are evaluated by the NAPCP board in line with our current criteria for membership and code of ethics.


Code of Ethics

Please click the following link for the NAPCP Code of Ethics

Code-of-Ethics 02-2021


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