Accredited Supervisor


Accredited Supervisor

Accredited Supervisor membership acknowledges that NAPCP accredited practitioners have successfully completed a relevant supervision course.  Accreditation also assures the Supervisee that the Accredited Supervisor will work within an agreed ethical framework and code of practice.

Benefits of NAPCP Supervisor Accreditation

  • Membership of a recognised national association and network of professionals
  • A listing on the register of Accredited Supervisors on the NAPCP website
  • Full access to the NAPCP database for referrals
  • A subsided rate to our frequently held workshops
  • Access to the NAPCP office for support and information
  • An opportunity to put forward a motion at the NAPCP AGM
  • A vote at the annual AGM
  • An opportunity to take a seat on the Board of NAPCP


Criteria for Application for NAPCP Accredited Supervisor

  1. Have completed a recognised course in Counselling/Psychotherapy
  2. Be an accredited counsellor/psychotherapist with a recognised accreditation body
  3. Have worked as a supervised counsellor/psychotherapist for five years post accreditation
  4. Are currently, and have been for the last 3 years in continuous supervised practice as a counsellor/ psychotherapist
  5. Have successfully completed a 100 hours recognised course in supervision
  6. As required during training, have completed 50 hours of supervised supervision work.  First time accredited supervisors must have a ratio of 5:1 of supervision work
  7. Agree to work within the NAPCP Code of Ethics
  8. Write a short essay (1,000 words) on your philosophy of supervision
  9. Pay the processing fee for application to become a supervisor (€120.00)
  10. Have paid the annual membership fee (€170.00)

Please note: When applying for accreditation and renewal of accreditation, you will be required to complete the Garda Vetting process Vetting Pocedure for NAPCP

Download NAPCP Supervisor application

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