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FAQs: Coronavirus and your practice

When will Covid19 vaccine be available for Counsellors and Psychotherpists?

Update 09/02/2021

The NAPCP can confirm that Counsellors/Psychotherapists are in the 2F sequence of vaccine priority rollout for Healthcare Workers.  Please see HSE guidelines here

Instructions to register for vaccine

  • Click on this link
  • Enter all your details including relevant sequencing group (2a-2f), based on the above guidelines.  Most NAPCP Members will fall into Category 2F.
  • An appointment will be sent to each HCW to attend a vaccination clinic.
  • There will be a requirement to present for a vaccination with photo ID and acceptable credentials (Workplace photo ID, Letter from an employer, Certificate of current registration status with relevant Irish Regulatory Body) [Your accreditation certificate from NAPCP/letter confirming membership].
  • Credentials can be checked prior to entry to a vaccine clinic.

Please note: If you work privately, where it asks for your primary care place of work, enter CHO Area in Search & your county in County box, then you’ll see a list and you can select your CHO area.

The NAPCP has no further information on this process. 

Please note that NAPCP cannot provide letters of employment to members. 

Please be assured that we are doing everything to ensure that our members are represented fairly in the Vaccine Priority list and we will inform you as soon as we receive an update.

The Government has not published the exact information on when Counsellors and Psychotherapists will be vaccinated.

The information about the provisional vaccine allocation groups is available at the following link.

Please read this before completing the registration Guide to using the portal

Also, regarding members who are not fully accredited with NAPCP, the document regarding sequencing says,

“HCWs from all staff groupings who work in the units, wards or services, community settings day, residential and respite services, all the time, or who attend occasionally must be included.  Examples of these are support staff, agency staff, students, administration staff, volunteers and other healthcare professionals (physiotherapists, PHN’s, speech and language therapists, home support workers, radiologists, pharmacists, etc.)

If you have any additional problems completing the portal, please click here

Is counselling/psychotherapy considered an essential service

The government has clarified that Counselling and Psychotherapy can be considered part of Social Care, which is an essential service.  As long as Government and NPHET protocols and guidance on social distancing are followed, it is up to the individual counsellor’s/psychotherapist’s own judgement as to whether to meet clients face-to-face or through remote means.

It is appreciated that significant planning is required with the challenges of COVID-19, however it is the responsibility of employers (and self-employed persons) to apply a risk-based approach and to apply the precautions necessary to comply fully with the public health advice.

Please take a look at the Return to Work Safely Protocol which was published by the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation.  This guidance document was developed to assist employers and employees during this period.

Anyone whose work does qualify as an essential service must adhere to public health safety guidelines as outlined by the HPSC, HSE, and the HSA.

Can I offer telephone or online counselling instead?

Telephone or online counselling is an acceptable alternative if you consider the following points:
that the reason for doing so is to prevent the spread of the virus.  If either party is experiencing symptoms of coronavirus the best option may be to take a break from therapy until fully recovered.
you are competent to deliver therapy via these two methods (see BACP competency framework for telephone and e-counselling).  Also here is an online course in online counselling
delivering therapy via this method is suited to the needs of the client and the material being discussed. Telephone or online therapy may not be suitable for all clients or certain issues.
you can re-contract with the client to take into consideration any differences in delivering therapy via this method.
your supervisor is competent to supervise online practice.
You have professional indemnity insurance which covers telephone/online counselling.
For older clients who do not have access to, or experience of, video-calling, continuing sessions by telephone may be the best alternative to face to face sessions.

Can these online/telephone counselling hours be used towards my accreditation?

The board agreed that (only during this COVID 19 period), for Student, Pre-Accredited and Accredited members, online/telephone counselling hours can be used towards accreditation
What about Supervision – do I still have to do at least 12 sessions per year?
As per current NAPCP Supervision Requirements, supervision must take place at least once a month, when the Accredited Member is actively seeing or available to see clients (please note that the board has approved remote supervision via telephone or online).

If not seeing clients, a minimum of 10 supervision sessions per year will be accepted.

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