Pre-Accredited Membership

Pre-Accredited Membership

Pre-accredited membership is available to those who have successfully completed a Level 7 accredited Counselling & Psychotherapy course.  In order to qualify for pre-accredited membership, each student must have:

1. Successfully completed all practical and skills modules of their degree course

2. Completed at least 100 trainee hours in counselling practice and been supervised at a ratio of 5:1

3. Completed a minimum of 15 hours of their own personal therapy

4. Verification from the college that the student has reached an adequate standard of competency in counselling to proceed with the pre-accreditation process.

Please note: During the pre-accreditation process, each trainee counsellor must complete a further 450 hours of counselling practice, supervised at a ratio of 10:1.

The following form is to be completed by the college and returned to NAPCP in order for the student to be considered for pre-accreditation.

Download NAPCP Pre-Accreditation Form↓

To become a Pre-Accredited Member, an applicant must complete and return the application form together with a cheque or postal order for €130 (€100.00 annual subscription & €30 once off processing fee).

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