Pre-Accredited Membership

Pre-Accredited Membership

Pre-accredited membership is available to those who have successfully completed a course accredited by the NAPCP.  The applicant must also have completed at least 100 trainee hours in counselling practice and been supervised at a ratio of 5:1 (a minimum of one hour of individual supervision for every 5 client contact hours).

Please note: After receiving Pre-accredited membership, each trainee counsellor must complete a further 450 hours of counselling practice, supervised at a ratio of 10:1.  Please ensure that you change supervisor before commencing these 450 hours, and that your supervisor is an accredited supervisor with one of the following: NAPCP, IACP, APCP, IAHIP, or ACI.

Application Process

1. The following form is to be completed by the applicant.

Download Pre-Accredited Membership form

2. The following form is to be completed by the supervisor who supervised your 100 hours at a ratio of 5:1.

Download Supervisor Evaluation Form↓

3. Please send us a copy of your qualification certificate.

4. Payment of €130 (€100.00 annual subscription & €30 once off processing fee) to be forwarded by cheque or by Paypal below.  If paying by PayPal, click below and choose Processing Fee and the option €130.

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